Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Poverty,Poverty,Poverty ... Is this what hindering growth of our Nation!!

   Poverty , when we hear this word many of us give it a thought (that's really great!!) but next thing which they do is just let it go having reason , that we are not poor ,we don't need to think about them etc. etc. As we all are rational beings and we have solid reasons to not to give  thought to grave problem of poverty.

    Million Dollar question is , IS POVERTY HAMPERING THE GROWTH OF NATION??
Truthfully if I say not really because the poor people right now do not constitute the growth of  nation, as they are already out of the race . These people are not even capable of managing their basic needs or if they do somehow it is merely marginal , after a whole day's toil. That is really disheartening , everyday when they get off their homes they really don't know that they would be even able to get enough resources to curb hunger of their family.

  The poor people have become really become hopeless , waiting for a helping hand . Do they deserve this ?
Don't they have any right to contribute to progress of Nation ?  A really sorry sight which I eye-witnessed- Early morning I was at a Railway Station waiting for train to arrive , I bought a cup of tea from a nearby stall and what I noticed was that there was a poor man searching the dustbin attached to the stall curiously but at an interval of  5-10 mins the stall owner scolded him off like a cattle , but the poor guy repeatedly came back .After two or three such encounters he finally set at some distance . Then what I saw was distressful sight that he was fishing for the discarded teabags in the dustbin and he was squeezing that into a cup to get him a cup of morning tea . Seeing that I could not take another sip from my cup , I gave mine to him as well as a packet of biscuit which brought a little smile on his face , which brought down the my guilt marginally.

  I am not suggesting that you start making donations to them or tipping the beggars , no not at  all that will introduce a new shortcut for the poor people for begging.What I learned was that , giving a cup of tea and a packet of biscuit to him , brought him a smile . See the point which I want to make is that they should have their share of  subsidies and aids , which could get some content and some sense of being cared.      

   We hear of things like prices of the general commodities increasing day by day , but the question is that - Are the wages of the poor people rising too? Answer is simply no , the challenge of earning their basic urges is going up by leaps and bounds and they are helpless.Who is going to help them , Me,You or the Government, answer is tough isn't?
    We hear of the Government policies and rural development programs , wherein Government sanction huge sum of money for supporting one or other problems like houses for poor, food at subsidized rates ,etc. But one thing to catch is , Are the people at grass root level really getting the money invested upon them , forget about getting do they even know that Government is taking steps to curb their helplessness.
   Are these really benefitting the targeted people ?  No , the money or the resources are no doubt flowing from the government treasury , but it has to undergo lots of levels of executives and systems .The layers should be completely porous to let the resources seep, ironically what poor receives are the drops of resources and with such limited resources only limited things can be done , which are still insufficient.But the real concern is that , instead of porous intermediate layers of administration they turn  act semi-porous .
 Why so ? Don't they want upliftment of poor ?

How come the enormous resources turn meagre ?

That is a really controversial point which has a different conclusion for different people so that's a little food for thought for you, feel free to put the comments and suggestions in the box below.

If the poor people are not taken care off, they are already out of league to enhance the growth of nation as they also constitute the growth as a whole , because development of nation means development from the grass root level .


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