Friday, 27 September 2013

Google Search | The Guardian Angel

Google  has become integral part of all the working professionals , as it is the ultimate solution to all the questions whatever may be the field , subject . It is basically the solution bank to all the questions which people have around the world.

Google is the most used search engine , among the other dozens of search engines available. Google makes life easy as you find all the possible links to the question keyed in . Frankly speaking to search on google is an art , not everyone can find desired results , as you should be really very sure what keywords should find the required content, as Google takes each of the word keyed in the search as the keys to search for and then it runs the search and drives the pages which have maximum number of keyword matches.

For the people who are in software development field, google acts as a boon for them. By profession I am also an Software Developer , Google really serves well in the crunch time , or just for casual searching. Be it preparation of Seminar , making of a Project, or preparation of a presentation. Even you could find several explanations for the technical questions you might come across . You could really anything in the technical field , as there are several online forums for various technologies , which have tags so that they be visible in searches made on Google.

 Google makes you aware of things which might be completely alien , and at some point of time you need to know about that alien object. One of my experiences, when I joined the company my lead assigned me a technology called 'SERVOY' , and I really didn't have idea if such a platform exist basically never heard of , so after the assignment of the technology I did a Google search and at least got that basic idea as what we can do on this platform .

Google Search in true terms is the saviour for people of all the age group , starting from small kids who may use it to search photos for their science projects ,or the professional people-- be it at work or be it for show timings of the shows in the city .Even  old people could use google for remedies of the diseases , or could be for casual reading or for reading news and lots more .

What a day for writing about the Google Search , today is the 15th Anniversary of Google (Might have noticed the doodle and the little game there .. ) .In order to help people search in a productive manner and to attain the closest match to the queries keyed in the Google Search , you can go through the courses offered on Power Searching by Google

I really want to thank Google for being my side always when  I needed any solution . Please do post you experience I will be more than happy to know them.


  1. Nice article...Google really saves us..
    Liked the line ' search on Google is an art.', yes it really is.

  2. Thanks for providing that Power searching in the article, Most of the people are not aware of it

  3. your post can reslove our big problem as we know about how internet creating problem during the work


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