Thursday, 26 September 2013

Being Amongst the Crowd or An Individual?

   The people in world could be categorized , as an individual or as  a someone among the 7 billion people in the world. The people be an individual , or be amongst the crowd , completely based on traits . I am not demarcating this on the basis of degree of greatness of a person , or popularity or any other aspects which are not common to all the people in the world , I am simply demarcating on the basis of their mentality and decisiveness .

To start with : What is a crowd
Crowd is basically a group of individuals which do not have their personal identity ( but a collective identification as a general mob ) or are a bit shy taking lead or stand in a cause , and they all have a common thinking that someone takes a stand in their group, hiding themselves behind each other. Being a part of crowd person's individuality subside, and even it deprives the individual of his power of expression  have fear or hesitation , that what will other think of their doing , will it be appreciated or condemned .

What is an Individual?
Individual is a person who weighs each and every situation reasonably and act accordingly surpassing all the reasons which might withdraw his decision. The reasons here is not change of mind , reasons are being influenced by what others might think , how would others react ,or will anyone support or not etc. But an individual being does not care about the noise (Reasons stated earlier ) in the environment he/she just goes on. An Individual always have an edge over the crowd because the wonderful gift which comes in blessing as a disguise is high level of confidence. In today's scenario one thing which is a direct  requirement for all the jobs be it any field is confidence. In other words confidence is the currency in the industry one person belongs to , because interviewers are looking for the level of confidence which is in the candidate. It is rightly said by a noted Physician, Bernard M. Baruch that ----

                                        “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter,and those who matter don't mind.” 

It is frequently said that there are consequences and latter effects of a thing,as a Crowd(or mob) there comes mob mentality as the consequence(as human in a rational being , and humans constitute mob-- though the catch is that they don't think that rationally) , this is basically the collective decision of group of people. This kind of mentality can be seen among the herd and cattle where all of them do a common thing,like walking in group one after the other ,etc.   An instance which would give a better perception-- Everyone would have heard about the communal riots , what happens in it one person turns outlaw and huge crowd of people simply follow because of witty talks of single person without giving it a second thought,  and unknowingly they become part of the anti-social activity. See how does this mentality has a magnification effect starting with a one outlaw person, it raised the whole crowd of outlaws.

Now, lets see another less intense or rather general instance , I can bet that everyone must have  seen a place where it is written that 'No Spitting Here' and to much surprise that particular place is stained all over with spits. 
What do you think people can't see or they just feel happy breaking code of conduct?
 Here  mob mentality plays its part , suppose a person when sees the sign of 'No Spitting Here' ,notices the spits all over, looking that ,his confidence soars up to spit ,thinking that already the place is dirty let me add to the attributes , instead he could obviously not clean it but at least could have refrained form spitting.

It does not takes much to be a face in the crowd and take rightful decisions , but in turn it acts as a foundation to individuality, which in its true essence, is responsible for molding a human into a person who is master of his intellect.

So think wisely which group are you into , as your decision could be crucial. Do post your views/suggestions as I would love to hear from you about the topic, as views vary from person to person .

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