Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Are the Smartphones really 'SMART' ?

 Today having a Smartphone is a more of a style statement. The comparisons are made with the size of the screens which they have on their phones .The small and stylish phones have now grown into Phablets and even the tablets which are enormously large are coming with calling facility. People have really gone crazy for the smartphones but along with this another trait which gets cultivated along is the obsession or rather addiction to their devices.  

 People nowadays do two things majorly, one that they perform there daily jobs and the second the pastime which they mostly pass on using they so called 'smartphones'. Well day by day the size of the smartphones are getting increased and so is the craze to own one . Things which are aiding the cause is the huge smartphone market which has a policy of selling as much units as possible, and even the price ranges are for people of all the classes. Now as  these smartphones are available to all groups of people this has fueled the craze , and have led them on to a path of being virtual socialization.

The term 'Virtual Socialization' which I have used here refers to endless social messaging apps , and among the social messaging giants are Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp , etc.   which provide you with amazing power to connect to people (who are in your "Friend List ") virtually with no physical connection , simply OTA (Over The Air ) at your convenience.

 Smartphone user have an edge to this amazing technique , as they can always be logged into their social app accounts and can access anywhere ,anytime it is just the internet pack which they need (which is readily available these days cultivating the cause) and you are good to go.

But the truth is  ,   Is it worth it ?
To overlook the real  available social circle which is powered by real communication than digging deep into your beloved smartphone in order to keep the virtual web around you intact. Moreover  people have grown an habit of searching things online pointlessly just to prove the superiority on others or for just mere fun.

There are even radiation threats on prolonged usage of the smartphones, as in order to make phones smart lots of sensors and receivers are embedded in the smartphones , as we can see that there is lot of competition in the market amongst the different brands the companies tend to use the cheap components which are a emitter of radiations. These radiations could be really very harmful , completely hampering health of the carrier.

People have to think that there is lot more than a phone, rather they should look around and find  things which could be of better good, there is more they can do than keying in the messages and Face-booking as it is said.People have nowadays hobby of  browsing apps in their smartphones and killing their precious time but they need to think harder that virtual socialization is just making virtual connections , which will enable you to believe that you have a vast connection of friends. There might be a case that a person might have over 100 Facebook friends, 50 twitter followers , but in reality he might be struggling to get a one good friend. This is possibly because through social networking sites you might have an edge of making as many friends through sending a friend request but when it comes down to talk in person it could be real hard, but these things are to be understood by each person . Let us leave that topic as its wayward from the title .

People have really stopped observing their surroundings and events happening in their vicinity , because they are busy focussing in their smartphones. People have stopped observing the weather and started asking to 'Siri' and 'Google Now' -- '' How's the weather Like?". People have stopped exploring their surroundings and started finding in the maps  in their phones. People have started texting the smilies without literally exclaiming their emotions , and many more . There are more funny comparisons but the list may just go on. People try to find each and everything in their phone ,  as they spend in them heavily so of course will expect returns and phones in turn don't discourage their hopes providing all kind of virtual solutions and expectations to the user.

I might sound like I totally condemn the usage of smartphone but fellas I do have a smartphone but the thing which is clear in my mind is that it is just another small gadget in my daily life which I use only when it is required ,not using it for a time pass or just a hobby and wasting my precious time in fondling the apps in my phone.

Smartphone ,Yes has an edge over other phones , when we utilize it for daily needs its good but when requirement turns into addiction , then is the time when it hampers the smartness of an individual .


  1. could't agree more. I just want phone and text. The old Nokia 3310 is enough. Internet and email - use a laptop

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