Thursday, 3 October 2013

Women | The Mitochondria of Nation

The topic of the post might seem confusing, let me start with explaining 'Mitochondria' . Have you ever heard of this word? Think for a moment....
Yes of course, you must have studied about this in the elementary biology classes back in 6th grade or so. 'Mitochondria' is a organelle found in the cell , they are responsible for converting glucose into the form of energy which our body can use (that is ATP). These organelles are better known as the 'Powerhouse of the Cell' or 'Cellular Power Plants'.  
So , until now you would have definitely figured out what does 'Mitochondria' refers in the topic, it depicts the Women as the Powerhouse or Power Plant of the Nation. 

So proceeding with the discussion after getting the perception of the topic-- Everyone needs to understand role of women in all the domains. Even after 67 years of independence of India , majority of women have not been able to  free themselves from the dogmatic ideologies of the society. As our nation, India is on track to be a developed nation, as an obligatory measure  it must ensure development of  women simultaneously as, women are the integral part of the total population of the nation.

On the contrary, in current scenario,  there still prevails the discrimination based on sex . Still male children are more facilitated than the female children, providing better opportunities for males. The women in the rural areas( which contains the most of the female population ) are not treated equally, they have no or less say in the family affairs. Mentality of society is under influence of male chauvinism.Women are treated as an entity, and is assumed to be heartless and emotionless being meant to do all the household jobs without complaining. Women are restricted to their homes and they are taught right from their childhood that their ultimate goal of life is to overtake all the household responsibilities after marriage, and so they have to get trained from their childhood killing all other passions.

Looking at the brighter side, if we obliterate the above situation momentarily ( which is hard ) very few women who choose a harder path of fighting the odds and pursue their passions , become successful (no doubt) and excel in their respective domains. For instance, Hon'ble Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil is currently President of India, Sania Nehwal an Indian Badminton Player is the first person ever to win a medal in Badminton in Olympics, and many more. Women have proved that when given a chance, they prove their mettle and that is plausible. It is well known Russian Proverb --
                                           "Women can do everything; men can do the rest."
No matter what a woman's appearance may be, it will be used to undermine what she is saying and taken to individualize - as her personal problem - observations she makes about the beauty myth in society.

Rudimentary measures have been taken by Government to reform awful condition of women, but they have to understand , that these measures help small number of women who have already crossed the primary hurdle , but what about the majority of women who are not able to clear the primary hurdle due to several reasons like-- lack of resources, family refusal for studies, etc. So what I suggest is that Government should focus more on the families which have a girl child , educate them regarding the development of women and also support them financially  to facilitate the cause.

So I will end on the note that every person irrespective of their sex , is entitled to exercise their Fundamental Rights as mentioned in Constitution Of India. If anybody tries to deprive a woman of her rights he is doing a crime. As a matter of fact that women excel in all the fields they set their foot, suppose if the majority of women does then our nation could reach to new heights.This could be compared to a engine running on coal, and suddenly fuel is replaced with gasoline, which takes the train to new highs. So, indeed women are the powerhouse of the Nation.

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  1. Good try, but that will not serve the purpose here. Its complicated and deep. Its tough to change the generation's stabilty in society. But youth should have a positive approach and should be taking a leap bound for the same. Good to know the thought of common youth.

    --One of Women

    1. True, very True!! It is definitely tough to change generation's dogmas, but through our endeavors it could be diluted to the level of negligibility. For anything to happen , it is 'WE' who need to make our collective efforts to give wind to the cause.


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