Saturday, 31 August 2013

Bullies of the corporate world!!!!!

Actually  if anyone would think about their past lives - schooling days, college days.....  There  is a prominent appearance of a unwanted person known as BULLIES
  Someone might have been a bully who would have acted as a roadblock. But as we move onto a corporate world then we think those hard times given by the bullies have gone. But,  heads up  its really sad to see the same bullies in the corporate world too.
   Do you think people at higher posts  have become meaner  and are sunk in there pride??
Well it seems that  these people become bully because they have been bullied in the beginning  of their career by their seniors and later when they are in a respectable position  they desire to bring the same wrath upon the new comers.
Because of this unwelcoming nature of the senior workers, newbies have a hard time to blend in the office culture and also could not provide their cent percent in the task allotted to them.  Mostly they have fear if a thing is done wrongly once then all the blame is put upon them without giving a thought to the mental stress , will he be able to bear the blame or just perish under the blame and get exposed to the sarcasm .  People at the high post just to clear their hands of the blame they plant the blame on the immediate junior and then he does to the other  level and so the chain of imposition of blame continues down the hierarchy.
So it's not a person but the whole chain of bullies being followed. But If the people at good position so called bosses,  team leads,  group leader somebody  takes the stand and does not bully the new comers, then he will definitely  give space for new people who think in a progressive  way. This will help  in reducing the bully concept from the system. If the mangers, team leads understand the error and impose the blame on not only on the member at the lowest level but he should impose it in the team completely so that  whole team of people are held responsible.
Yes someone might say that what will happen if one manager or lead does that but news flash, this small stand will help the juniors or the new comers prosper and would enhance the office environment.
So this is my view stating the problems but others might have a different opinion. I might have offended some people sorry for that, but someone needs to come forward  for this.

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